Reflective Films

Advantages & Benefits

Dramatic reductions in solar heat gain through windows - the initial outlay expense of the installation can often be recouped from the reduced air conditioning running and maintenance costs within a two year period

  • Solar energy rejection can be up to 79%
  • Improved comfort zones throughout the office, room or conservatory
  • Glare reduction making lighting control much easier and a bonus to VDU operators
  • Can provide greatly improved levels of privacy - effectively one way glass during daylight hours
  • Modernize the look of older buildings
  • Reduces harmful ultra-violet light rays
  • Improves the shatter resistance of glass
  • Available in a wide variety of colours - Silver, Bronze, Grey, Neutral, Gold, Blue and Green
  • Has a superior scratch resistant coating
  • Backed up by a manufacturer's 10 year warranty

Living with the city sun is no picnic!!!!!

An exceedingly large amount of commercial revenue goes, literally, down the drain each and every working day due, no doubt, to a serious lack of focus on the problems inherent with living with the city sun.....

Manufactured as a cost effective environmental control film, using the last word in successful development techniques, SunGard has more than fulfilled it's every exciting promise.

SunGard - the money miser

Available in a variety of subtle conservative colours SunGard is a polyester based film which incorporates in its manufacture a vacuum deposited layer of aluminium particles that are invisible to the human eye. Though transparent to the optimum degree when applied to glass, SunGard reflects and absorbs the solar rays resulting in a virtual shutout of harmful heat and glare and at a fraction of the cost of more conventional and well nigh obsolete alternative methods of trying to cope with sun related problems.

SunGard - The Cost Effective Option

By keeping the sun's heat from penetrating through the glass with window film, you won't need to worry about the costs of air conditioning. For every 100 square feet of glass fitted with SunGard reflective film can equal a saving of one ton of air conditioning! Closed curtains and normal blinds actually allow most of the sun's heat through the glass and indeed act like storage radiators to heat up the room or conservatory. Where sun blinds, with their attendant maintenance problems and prohibitively high initial costing have demonstrably failed, SunGard provides the cost effective option with:

  • Minimal installation fuss - its almost business as usual
  • Constant protection
  • Guaranteed high quality with tomorrows technology today!
  • Ten year warranty against:-
    • Scratching
    • Loss of Colour
    • Peeling or Cracking
    • Loss of Reflectivity
    • Give your Office that "Modern Look"...

....when you install SunGard film you will see an architecturally pleasing improvement in the appearance of your building which not only saves energy and cuts out glare but also aids the building in achieving its full architectural potential. 

Homebase superstore was suffering tremendous solar glare and heat problems affecting both customers and staff until they were overcome by Film-Tec's application of a high reflective film to the glazing.

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GlassGard Safety & Security Films

Advantages & Benefits

  • Clear films are virtually invisible and do not reduce the light transmission
  • Greatly reduces the risk of accidental injury or of damage by vandalism, break-in, riots, etcetera
  • Effective against the risk of spontaneous shattering of large overhead glass panels
  • Give high levels of personal safety
  • Being fully tested and certificated to British Standards - BS6206 Class A, B & C
  • Provide cost effective bomb-blast and safety protection
  • Have a scratch resistant coating for long lasting wear
  • Are backed by the manufacturers 10 year warranty
  • Can be applied to almost all single or double glazed systems
  • Can be combined with the properties of reflective films for added benefits
  • Can be combined with Museum Film for total ultra-violet light elimination as well
  • Some insurers are happy to negotiate premium discounts when safety film is fitted

The Grim Facts!


Consider the outcome of the IRA atrocities in the City of London, at Docklands and in Manchester. Not since the Second World War Blitz has so much devastation been wreaked upon the British public as the last few years has borne witness to - despite so called cease fires!
Precincts - Estate - Shopping Complexes - Offices - Public Transport.........

Have all been the targets for the lunatic fringe activist of our society and it is obvious that no one can consider themselves safe or immune from their attentions.

Casualty data shows that 90% of victims of bomb related injuries were inflicted by the savage ferocity of flying glass - which can embed itself in concrete!!!

Deadly showers of splintered glass missiles, as lethal as grenade shrapnel, are propelled over wide areas leaving chaos and destruction in their wake.

What chance the human frame??

What about your business equipment, records and data???

Indeed, what about your Business????? 

Crime & Violence

Consider the implications and disruptions caused by the attentions of the thug who heaves a brick through your window in the middle of the night - just for fun!

More often than not the quickest way to break in for a smash and grab artist is through your glazing

But how often is it overlooked when security plans are considered 

Home Truths

Even when you are in the comparative safety of the family home you are not out of the woods yet...
Consider robust and healthy children playing out their fantasies without considering the implications and dangers of glass surroundings when in the full flight of their games.

Those seconds of unawareness can result in the nastiest of accidents HOMES - PLAYGROUPS - NURSERIES - SCHOOLS??? 


Does your glazing conform to the current Regulation 14??


This applies to all doorways and side glazing and any glazing falling below the level of 800mm from the floor and which must now comply with BS6026 breakage standards. For more details go to REGULATION 14


Sometimes even the unexpected can cause glass to break and fly such as hurricanes, gales or industrial accidents.

GlassGard: The Cost effective solution

With GlassGard applied to your glazing the strength of your glass can be multiplied by factors of up to fifteen times its previous strength.

Essentially a thin polyester film no thicker than your thumbnail, the film is enough to hold the glass together and prevent it from splintering in an explosion or disintegrating when attacked by a thug.

Your staff and property are protected from the terrorist, burglar and accidents at a very reasonable and justifiable cost.

For added benefits, combine security or safety film with reflective or museum films for only a marginal additional cost implication.

All GlassGard safety and security films have a manufacturer's 10 year warranty.

Solarscreen Blinds

The brilliance of Solar Screen shade film blinds is that they are designed to provide the flexibility of being drawn only when they are needed. The range incorporates both plain and embossed films with virtually identical technology to the window film range. However, because they are not "glued" like films to the glazing these blinds can be made with a higher level of reflectivity and as such are far more effective particularly with double glazed and pigmented glazing.

Like solar control window films, the Solar Screen shade films reflect infrared solar radiance but to a greater degree because it has a higher density of aluminium. For instance the "Cobalt Embossed" film reduces glare by 97% and Infrared by 92%. Because of the higher level of reflectivity, the glazing system doesn't absorb heat and therefor does not suffer from thermal stress. The Solar Screen film blinds are therefor ideal for pigmented or double glazed systems. Morever, in winter, the roller blinds in particular give superb insulation from the cold.

  • Manufactured in France, they can be designed to fit your exact requirements:-
  • Roller Blinds with central automatic draw string
  • Roller blinds with chain mechanism
  • Boxed Roller Blinds with chain mechanism
  • Boxed Roller Blinds with Cassette and chain mechanism
  • Boxed Roller Blinds with Cassette and motorised mechanism
  • Boxed Roller Blinds with Cassette and remote control mechanism
  • Vertical Blinds with eight variants

The Cassette Roller Blinds are particularly effective when lowered into place, they will give you the benefit of their thermal insulation performance of reducing solar heat and glare in summer and retaining heat you would have lost in winter thanks to the outstanding reflective and insulating property of the metallised film.

It also eliminates nearly all harmful ultra-violet light.

From an aesthetic point of view the headrail has a rounded profile which combines perfectly with most modern interiors. The profile includes a brush which automatically self-cleans the reflective surface of the blind as it is raised and lowered.

Adaptable lateral profiles and edge-seals provide other modular options to improve the appearance of the system.


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